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Ken Waranius

(530) 243-2836



There are many designs on the market.   They all agitate and aerate, some do it better than others.  Some are very sophisticated and some are simple as five gallon buckets.  They range in price from one hundred dollars to thousands.  One of the most important things is how easy it is to clean.  You can go online and find many brewers available.   The brewer is only as good as the ingredients that goes into it.

You can go to: and get a report on different brewers available.  You can also go to Ted Perterson’s web page ( and see how he makes quality tea using just barrels and buckets.  There are several places in the Redding area that sells brewers, big and small. Give me a call and I can tell you where to purchase them.

For more information call Ken Waranius at (530) 243-2836 or email



Phone: 530-243-2836

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